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Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday Talkie: TeamVVV + Q&A #9

I have joined the team at TeamVVV to contribute retro racing game videos to the fantastic content already on that site.

You can find my page there at

Do also please check out Alan's teamvvv youtube channel

Q&A #9

ScribbleSamAnimation - What is your opinion over the recent controversy over a playable character in the latest upcomming Tekken game? The character in question is "Lucky Chloe". There has been a big hate campaign against her and they want Namco to remove her from the game. I'm not fantastically sure why but I think it's because she's cute and she brings JPop music to mind.
What's your opinion?

Waldon Newman - I have a Youtube channel and yes its rubbish, the thing is I would do more videos and I have a few ideas but, I will get to the point soon promise! is I cant stand to listen to my own voice so I dont want to learn to edit videos and listen to myself talk ! Have you had this problem... not liking the sound of your own voice... and if you did how did you over come it ?

Robert Berry - As a fellow Atari 8-Bit user, might I ask what game, aside from the awesome Defender, was your favourite on that system and why? Many thanks.

LastofAvari - if BBC called you to make a 10 minute weekly program on retro gaming or gaming in general for them would you accepted it?

metro2002 - Do you think console gaming is becoming more like PC gaming with updates, broken firmware versions etc on consoles nowadays? And did you game on your amiga back in the day or just use it as a workhorse?

Hamer the Gamer - Good day Sir. A few questions if you don't mind
1. Are you planning on getting other Everdrive carts or multicart devices for the other systems?
2. Are you planning on upgrading your PC system next year for Elite Dangerous as I know you're interested in the game?
3. Do you black pudding?

MarkTheMorose - Hi Steve. I just learned today that Ralph Baer died on the 6th of December. Just wondered if you'd care to say a few words on the Q and A about him, as he is about as pivotal a figure in the world of home video gaming as you can get. Also, are there any unsung heroes in the gaming world you'd like to be more widely known?

Anthony Rice - Q1 Whats your opinion on the failed Sega Saturn? I'm personally a big fan of it. I reckon it has the best non-analog game controller ever made.

Q2 Do you have a preference For mechanical keyboards when using computers? If so. What switches have you tried, cherry, Topre, IBM buckling spring etc and which do you prefer?
Thanks Mr Benway

RECORDthenRETURN - What's your favourite piece of cover art or packaging out of all the games in your collection?

TheRetrospective81 - are you a fan of Christmas? do you still think its as good as when you were younger or is it now an overly commericalized piece of crap? Favourite Christmas Song?

courtneyfriel - Did you like the Blade Runner 1985 video game for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC or the Blade Runner 1997 video game point-and-click adventure game developed by Westwood Studios.

guitarHero1885 - guitarHero1885 1 day ago
for friday: what are your top 5
british comedies
favourite songs
top 10 ps1/ps2 games

Lego Races - A few questions for you:
1- F1 is becoming more like endurance racing but then shorter. What do you think about endurance racing? Do you watch the 24 hours of Le mans for example?
2- Have you ever seen an Grand Prix irl? If yes did you like it? If no would you like to go to an F1 race?
3- If you have the power, what would you do to make F1 better in your mind?

Keep an eye on these two channels in the coming days :)

Steve Benway 19:48 [+]

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