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Friday, 12 December 2014

"For Friday" Q&A #8

therangersrule68 - Was the Mega Drive the console that made consoles mainstream in the UK and Europe? What qualities made it break through against the Amiga and ST?

1 - Since you like to play Barbie games, I thought I'd ask you this
question. What is your opinion on CareBears? :P
2 - Recently in Australia, a shop over there banned the sale of Grand Theft Auto 5 in response to a Feminist campaign. What is your opinion on this?
3 - Do you like Martial Arts films and do you have any favorite films 
and stars like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.
4 - If you had your own video game "Steve Benway: The Game" what would happen in this game and which console would it be on?

Hugh James Cooksley - Another GT related question from me, If you could pick any car to add to a gran turismo game what would it be? 

Lego Races - 1: Are you going to do a Q&A or other form of talky outside walking around?
2: Do you think that Grand Prix manager games can sill be successful in 201X?
3: What was your first reaction when you saw that you can play like animals in GTA-5?

Chris James - have you ever done any computer programming and did you ever want to work in the video game industry? If so, in what capacity?
What are the ten best / your ten favourite video games of all-time on any platform including arcades?

ac5015 - Who are the top five youtubers you would like to do a 
collaboration or crossover with. I know you have said in the past you don't do well in social situations . But if you could do it without 
being uncomfortable.

Anzaq 1869 - Hi Steve. Do you prefer to do your Xmas shopping online or do it the old fashioned way and go out to the shops?

Jerry Joe - If u only had 2 games. A super awesome racing game, & a super awesome action adventure/fps...which one would u play more?

duhmez - When Classic Game Room left Youtube, did you take the effort to go and watch the reviews on website? I know I did not, even though I intended to.

Roland In The Caves - If you could amalgamate and combine two systems released at roughly the same time in the past, which would they be and why? Mega-SNES? Amiga-ST? Playstation-64? etc...

wingnut4427 - What is the first game that made your heart race with excitement, anxiety, or excitement because you were so close to beating it?

Matt Hopper - do you enjoy podcasts and if so how? I think you could present your 4Fridays as podcasts on iTunes or something, the format is perfect! Or would it divert focus from this channel? Just an idea!

Steve Benway 18:57 [+]

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