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Friday, 5 December 2014

"For Friday" Q&A #7

Daniel Cordell - Do you think SEGA CD 32X would have survived against the Saturn as a cheaper option if they made it an all in one?
As WWE can't give you the wrestling fix you like anymore. Is there any other promotions on Youtube, their own website, or Sky TV that does it for you?

Chris Bateman / Gregory York / A1dy74   - Have you seen or heard about the new sinclair spectrum vega?

David james Logue - Do you like the resident evil games? Do you have any fav's or memories of playing them?

wingnut4427  - What are your top 5 favorite youtube gaming channels & why ?

9ElevenGamer - What was the last time you lost your rag with a game, and what game was it?

Chris James  -  Is there any retro game that you enjoyed the first time you played it, but when you went back to it you found yourself thinking “hold on…this is shite”?
Are there any games from any era of gaming that you consider to be particularly over-rated ?
Are there any particularly obscure games that you believe have been criminally neglected and more people should know about?

ScribbleSamAnimation - 1. Why do you like Spiderman and if so what are some of your favorite Spiderman games and/or games in which Spiderman has appeared in
2. Do you find it a bit cliche when Mark from CGR would stick a MegaDrive game into a SNES?
3.What are your opinions on Hatsuné Miku . If you're not familiar, she is a 'Vocaloid' which is basically a Voice Synthesizer program for your PC that you type in some lyrics, alter her voice and make her sing. People have made Hatsune Miku do cover versions of many songs, and here's one of them. I think she's cool!!
4. What is your favorite radio station? Mine's Absolute Radio. I mostly listen to Absolute Radio 90's.

Andrew Advent - You've talked about your vision getting poorer, what are your thoughts on getting laser vision correction?

Gary Hart - Have you considered getting a Gotek Floppy Emulator for you Amiga 500 ?
If you have not got one already ?

TyFlip - during your younger years, nostalgia kicking in, what sort of pubs/clubs did you frequent as a young lad, music genres you were into as a young un and what sort of clientele did you encounter? Rough? Any funny drunken incidents? Nitty gritty please. Thanks.

guitarHero1885 - for friday: would you ever consider pc gaming instead of consoles and what are the pros and cons to pc over consoles or consoles over pc in your opinion? related to gaming and other functions.

browland1 - Music-related question. What are your thoughts on music going from physical format to all digital? Personally, I love shopping for music in a brick and mortar store and owning a large collection of physical albums. I don't get the same satisfaction from a bunch of files on my PC.

Daniel Cordell - What term do you prefer for the systems that are in the stores not talking about them coming out but they are here already. Next Gen or Current Gen?

Zabeus  - Considering that you play racing games better with a game pad than with a wheel, do you think real cars should come equipped with game pads? This is a serious question.

Steve Benway 18:46 [+]

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