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Friday, 31 October 2014

"For Friday" Q&A #3

TheEPROM9  - Is there any course or subject you regret (or wish you had taken up) not taking up back in education?
For me it is A-level maths, university has changed my attitude to maths and it would have given me slightly more choice as well as made certain aspects of the course I did much essayer.

ScribbleSamAnimation -
1 - Would you say "For Friday" is the new "Friday Talkie"?

2 - Have you ever played with a Rubik's Cube and solved it?

3 - What are your opinions on Weird Al Yankovic?

4 - Are you interested in learning Japanese and/or any other language?

FiXato - For Friday: if you had to sell or otherwise get rid off, 10 (or whichever arbitrary number you fancy) systems in your collection, which would those be, and why?
(For instance because they are taking up too much space, would yield the most money, offers/offered the least enjoyment, etc.)

Sleven324 - Is there a system that you don't have that you would like to get.

MrBuck295 - For Friday
I guess I should have asked (knowing all your consoles are retro ,my stupidity sorry)
what console do you play the most and what game do you play the most even if the game is on a different console
Thanks in advance

Chris James -  for friday....this is a bit of a complex and philosophical question, but i would be interested to hear your answer...i have my own opinion and will answer it myself once you have...

i gather you are not enamoured with modern console gaming partly due to technical issues but also because there is nothing significantly new in the you think theres nothing new due to commercial pressures, due to hardware limitations, due to a lack of imagination, due to the fact that the existing games are selling therefore there's no need for anything new, or some other reason?

Panini MattGFC1893 - For Friday. Do you think it time to set the record straight and say ET on Atari 2600 is not the worst game ever.Hi tech expression must be the worst games company of all time there games are just so poor and unplayable It unreal .My worst game of all time is Spice World on the Playstation one knocking Bride-it on Amstard CPC to the no.2 spot.So Sir Steve Benway what is your choice for worst game ever.

therangersrule68 - For next friday: what was your biggest case of buyer's remorse with a console or computer?

MrBuck295 - For Friday (hope this one has not been asked )
Have you now or ever thought about getting insurance for your equipment ,in case of fire or theft

Snestastic  -
1) Which is your favourite Joystick & why?

2) Age old question, commodore/speccy or Amstrad?

3) Is the c64 gs worth the money?

4) What has been the most seminal moment for you during your gaming career?

lilacfloyd - For Friday.
If you could go back in time for one day what year would you go back to and what would you do? The time travelling rules are up to you.
Like you my favourite film is Blade Runner but I've never read the book it was based on. Have you read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Markis5150 - Question for you. When Pac-Man released in arcades in 1980 what was your take on it? Did you like the game? Was it massively popular there?

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Thank you :)

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