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Friday, 17 October 2014

"For Friday" - Q&A #1

Fawltykog - For Friday... What is your favourite FALL Lp?

FiXato - For Friday Q&A:
With console games and the consoles itself now requiring software updates and perhaps even hardware upgrades in the form of new hard disks and peripherals, as well as not really needing physical media and relying on external servers, and PCs requiring less frequent hardware upgrades, you could say the borders between console and pc gaming are fading away. Does this make you reconsider your opposition to PC gaming, or rather, what keeps you from pc gaming?

Shaun George - For Friday: your house is on fire and you only have time to save one system and three of its games. Which system, which games, and why?

musicmaniac1965 - For Friday Q&A:
As you know, i follow your channel a long time. I am curious about just one thing: It's obvious you are really good at Gran Turismo games. But there must have been a time you also had to learn this game. If you liked a new different brand racer, would you be able to practice and get equally good at it as you did with Gran Turismo, or is there a speciffic reason you only play this racer?

GigerPunk - For Friday: Driving music, yes or no? If yes, what do you like to go for? (Obviously, depends on mood a lot of time, but what would be your favourite driving tunes?)

lilacfloyd - For Friday. With the PS5 and the next Xbox rumoured to be released around 2020ish. Is that too late? When do you think the next generation of consoles should be released, what with 4K and other new technologies that are imminent?

Gabbo! - For Friday Q&A. I know this is a broad question but what are some of your expectations for GT7? i.e better sound, more or less cars?

Hugh James Cooksley - What game/console have you had for the longest period of time? E.g I still have the same gameboy colour my mum bought when I was 7 in 2003.

TheRetrospective81 - For Friday, how come you never go to the really big Play event in Manchester every year? Would you ever go in the future or do you prefer the smaller, more initmate events like the events at Blackpool etc??

Andy Hilton  - Hi Steve a question for Friday, do you think the current gen consoles will be the last as we know it and next gen games will just be streamed through tv by subscription? And another one what do you think Facebook will do with the Oculus Rift?

Dixie Pickles - For Friday - As remakes of games are so popular these days. Which retro game would you like to see being remade and why?

Dave Webster - For Friday: other than cost, what would be the deciding factor for taking the plunge and going for one of the new consoles in the future?

Steve Benway 18:43 [+]

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