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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Friday Talkie: Emulators Tag

My response to MarkVergeer's Emulators tag video.

This week's shoutout goes to TheEPROM9

An honourable mention goes to mathowlett

Steve Benway 05:01 [+]
I have a virtual reality headset for the old sega. It says it is compatable with the sega gen. and the super nintendo. It is made by VictorMaxx. The labeling on the box says Virtual Reality Stuntmaster. It also says The geat virtual reality escape. I have googled Stuntmaster, the entire phrase and pieces and I cannot find a single one for sale!

I put mine on ebay but I have no idea what it is worth and I have no idea what to base it off of. I had someone tell me they would purchase it for 20 dollars. Is this right?

Any ideas are welcome.
I just looked it up and found this
I really don't know what the value of the thing would be as a collectable, but as something to actually use, definitely not high I'm afraid.

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