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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Friday Talkie: Bucket Tag, Hungover Sunday Gaming & a Shoutout

Bucket List Tag by EquillibriumGaming

5 games for a hungover sunday by hewey999

Shoutout: RoyStorey
His Sonic video that made me laugh so much

Check out my YouTube Retro Gaming Community Directory to find hundreds of other retro gaming channels.

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Friday Talkie... on Sunday?

Talking about unrealistic "buy it now" or starting prices on ebay, and then about degrading plastics in consoles and computers.

The price guide on my site.

Retro Gamers United


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Friday Talkie: Almost 3000 Subscriber Special FAQ Thing

A Friday Talkie where I welcome my many new subscribers, and try to answer some frequently asked questions, while attempting to dispel some myths and misconceptions.

Check out my YouTube Retro Gaming Community Directory to find hundreds of other retro gaming channels.

If you're interested in seeing my non-gaming related videos, you may like to check out my other channel, BenwaysWorld

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Friday Talkie: Depressing Tag, Perception of Gaming Hardware Generations & a Tag

A response to The Depressing Gamers Tag by AtariSTguy

Talking about how current or previous gaming hardware affects my perception of or attitude towards other generations of hardware.

Shoutout: killgruz


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Friday Talkie: Thanks, Manuals, Setup, Shoutout & More.

Thanks to
DeanoTheLegend87 for sending some very cool games.

Shoutout to niceandgames for having such an excellent channel.

Thanks to austinmackert for introducing me to that channel.

Discussed in this video:
The progression of the use of manuals in games, from the huge detailed things back on 8 bit computers, to the almost complete redundancy of manuals on modern, detailed, sprawling, complex virtual worlds.

My response to EquilibriumGaming's setup tag

A request from silntdoogood for advice on repairing a Centipede arcade cab.


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Friday Talkie: Live chat, a shoutout, and stuff.

Discussing live chat at

A shoutout for ataristguy

Expect slightly fewer videos in the coming few weeks, due to school holidays.


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Friday Talkie: Rating, Platforming Progress & Shoutout

The benefits of rating videos.
Progress of game design in platform games.
A shoutout - GamingZoneX


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Friday Talkie: Thanks, shoutout & plans

Thanks to mariosonic190, tagged by hewey999, 5 shoutouts, and some plans for the near future.

YouTube Retro Gamers Directory



That's PSI236, not PS1236. I can't read my own handwriting.



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Friday Talkies

So, you may be aware of the gaming videos elsewhere on this website, and a few of the system overview videos.
Obviously, these come from my YouTube account, and eventually, I plan to embed all of the gaming vids into the corresponding sections of this site.

Now, something I've started doing on my YouTube channel in recent months is what I call the "Friday Talkie", which is where once a week (guess which day?) I sit down and talk about something or other retro gaming related.

I've built up a few of these, and it occurs to me that they would fit very nicely into this blog.
So, that's exactly what I'm going to do.
Over the next hour or so there will be a whole bundle of embedded videos, after which I will embed them, one a week, probably in fridays, as I make them.


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