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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Q&A Special!

This video is in 12 parts. When each part finishes, wait a few moments and the next part will load automatically.

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Steve Benway 04:34 [+]
Long time no see Steve! Lol! I wanted to ask what you last name was but it seems I've been beaten to the post by someone who knows about as well as I do. Great vids anyhow Steve!
Wow this is awesome series of Questions and Answers video[12]!
While I am watching all of these Steve, I am going to feature all of them on my Blogsite. Did you say the video series automatically plays one right after another?, so If I embed thise first video off your youtube Public page, will it still work with autoplay!
These are all awesome Questions your fans asked and great imformative answers, great work Mate! Chuck of EquilibriumGaming!
I don't think it will work by just embedding the first video.
What I did here was embed the 700 Subscriber playlist, which you can find on my channel.
I'm glad you like it. I had a lot of fun recording it :)

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