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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Colecovision, Vectrex, Videopac/Odyssey II, and Virtual Boy games videos are all now uploaded and online for you to view.

That brings this site entirely in line with what was already on the retro gaming section of Benway's World. Everything that I add from now on will be entirely new, and won't have been featured on that site already.

There will be a break in updates here for a day or so while I take down the duplicate pages from Benway's World, and redirect their urls to the relevant pages on this site.

Steve Benway 18:22 [+]
Is there going to be an RSS feed of this page so I can keep up to date with the website from my homepage?

I haven't really tried tinkering with feed setup and whatever, but those appear to be the defaults.
Nice vids Steve! Good work as always. mcjakeqcool
Thanks Jake.
Sorry I didn't respond to your previous comment. I was very busy with working on the new site at the time, and then it slipped my mind.
Also, this blog isn't set to auto email me when someone leaves a comment, so unless I'm actually watching posts on here, I can miss the odd comment from time to time.
Ok steve, no problem! By the way, my rap career is making steady progress, here's a link to ,my tunecore profile , where you listen to my rap, mcjakeqcool (To cool for school), eventully, you should be able to listen to it via iTunes, by the way Steve, you you're self are a great musictition.

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